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Free Resources to Learn Process Measurement

Measurement of process parameters is a very important part of industrial automation. in this post, I share Free Resources to Learn Process Measurement.

And if you are beginning your career in industrial automation, understanding process instruments gives you an advantage in your automation career.

Types of process instruments

Process instruments are mainly divided into two categories: –

  • Measurement instrument
  • Analytical instrument

Difference between Analytical and Instrument Measurement

An analytical instrument device measures the composition of an element present in a particular medium example: – an O2 analyzer device measures the concentration of O2 in a particular sample.

The instrument that is used to measure physical quantity is called measuring instruments like temperature, pressure, etc.

Measurement instrument: –

  • flow measurement
  • Level measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Conductivity measurement

Analytical instrument: –

  • PH measurement
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Chromatography
  • Humidity measurement

NumberCompaniesInstrument Series
3Endress and HauserProline
4EmersonRosemount, Micro Motion
6HoneywellSmart line
Popular measurement instrument provider companies

Free resources and courses for learning Process instruments: –

1. Krohne Online Academy

KROHNE Academy online gives you direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of one of the leading suppliers in industrial process measurement.

The learning platform with lots of eLearning courses is dedicated to people involved in process measurement who come into contact with different measurement principles daily.

Students or interested parties who wish to bring their knowledge of measurement techniques and applications in technical installations up-to-date. Registration and use of the platform are completely free.

KROHNE Academy online is based on ILIAS, an open-source web-based learning management system (LMS). ILIAS offers a lot of features to design and run online courses, create learning content, and offer assessments and exercises.

The benefit of Krohne online academy: –

  • Registration and use are completely free of charge
  • Commercial-free instructional eLearning material in up to five languages
  • Independent of time and place
  • Certificate of completion
  • Online access to the technical knowledge library of one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for industrial process instrumentation

Topics of available courses: –

1. Flow Measurement

2. Level Measurement

3. Temperature Measurement

4. Systems

5. Analysis

6. Monitoring Solutions

7. Industrial Requirements

8. Communication

Registration Button: –

2. Emerson


Topics of available courses: –

  • Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Wireless Technology
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Gas Analysis

Registration Button: –

3. Endress and Hauser

Endress and Hauser YouTube Channel

Endress and Hauser YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel provides tutorials on basic working principles behind measuring instruments like flow measurement, level measurement, etc.

YouTube Channel

The Coriolis Flow Measuring Principle by Endress and Hauser

EndNote: –

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Thank you note: –

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