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List of Engineering Project Documents

Engineering Project Documents are very important in Engineering to complete the engineering project and especially in the industrial instrumentation and automation field.

There are multiple types of documents created for executing and completing the project.

When the project is delivered to the client some of the documents are followed for many uses like operation&Maintainece, and Troubleshooting of the system.

Different type of Documents is prepared as per the requirements of the project in the industry. and use in follow in different project life cycles.

Life Cycle of Engineering Project

  • Pre-Engineering Survey
  • Design and Engineering
  • Procurement and Inspection
  • FAT and SAT
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Loop Checking, Testing, and Calibration
  • Hands over

These are all the steps for the entire life cycle of Engineering Projects in Industries.

Engineering Project Documents Categories

According to technical requirements and project life cycle, there are different categories created for the execution of the Engineering Project.

  • Project and General documents
  • Process Documents
  • Electrical Documents
  • Instrumentation Documents
  • Quality Documents
  • Project Documents

1. Project and General Documents

Project and general documents are created for tracing the overall work of the project and handling of material and cost of the project.

There are multiple documents included in this category. I am providing the list of these documents.

  • Document Control Index
  • Material Control Index
  • Project Schedule
  • Commissioning
  • Pre-Commissioning site Survey

2. Process Documents

Process Documents are prepared for proper understanding of Industrial processes and identifying HAZOP and LOPA for Pre-Safety activities.

  • P and ID Diagrams
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Risk Assessments

3. Electrical Documents

Electrical documents are prepared for Covering all the electrical-related aspects related to plants.

  • Hazardous area classification
  • UPS System with Battery Layout
  • Earthing Layout
  • SLD for UPS and Battery Pack
  • Electrical Cable Schedule
  • Electrical Load list
  • Cable sizing Calculation

4. Instrumentation documentation

Documentation on instrumentation is created for covering all the aspects related to plant instrumentation and control.

  • cable routing for instrumentation
  • IO list
  • Instrument Index
  • Cause and Effect
  • Instrumentation Cabel Schedule
  • Instrumentation Hookup Diagram
  • PLC panel Instrumentation
  • Data Sheets of Instruments
  • Datasheets of JB
  • PLC system Architecture and Drawing
  • JB and Inspection Wiring Diagram
  • Instrument Bulk
  • Operation and control Philosophy

5. Quality Documents

Quality-related documents are very important documents for final inspection and Quality. ITP standard for Inspection and test plans

  • 1. ITP Instruments and control valves
  • 2. ITP for Cables
  • 3. ITP Process and control cable
  • 4. ITP for PLC


I hope you get new information on this topic and I will write in-depth articles on each document in the future so stay tuned.

The selection of these documents is changed according to the project requirements and project work.

I will try to give you a general idea on this topic so if you have any suggestions then comment below, I appreciate your feedback.

You can also check out my old post related to which software EPC companies are used for completing engineering projects.

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