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Best Resources to Learn Control Valve

There are multiple resources available to learn about control valves in this post I want to share with you the best resources among these.

Control Valve is a very important final control element used in the industry and in this post, I will share with you the best resource to learn about Control Valve.

The control valve is a widely used final control element in industries. By translating the command on the controller into physical action to archive control.

Best Free books for Control Valve

1. Control Valve Handbook by Emerson

Emerson is a major company in the automation field and it provides a wide range of solutions in the automation field.

Emerson provides solutions from DCS to Control Valve and it has many brands according to its product offering.

I will find out the control valve handbook that is published by fisher it is a control valve making brand from Emerson and it is open source and you can directly download it after the pressing download button given below.

Content Index

  • Introduction to control valve
  • Control Valve Performance
  • Valve and Actuator size
  • Control Valve Accessories
  • Control Valve Sizing
  • Special Control Valve
  • Stem conditioning
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Standard and Approvals
  • Isolation and Solenoid Valves
  • Safety instrument system
  • Pipe Data
  • Conversation and Equivalent

It is all in one book for the control valve and you can find all the information in terms of visual explanation.

2. Control Valve Basic (Sizing and Selection)

Control valve sizing and selection are a very important part of the industry.

Proper selection of control valves is a very critical part for instrument and control engineers and by helping of mechanical and process engineers.

I want to share and provide the best handbook for control valve sizing and selection. This resource is provided by CED engineering free of cost.

Content Index

  • Types of Valves
  • 1 Control Valve Characteristic
  • 2 Control valve sizing
  • 3 Control Valve selection
  • 4 Control Valve sizing parameter

Videos on Control Valve

I want to share with you the best videos and playlists that are available on YouTube to learn control valve visually.

By watching this video and playlist you can understand all the principles of the control valve visually and it will help you.

1. Fisher Valve and Instruments

Fisher Valve and Instruments 

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1.1| About This channel

Fisher is a control valve brand made by Emerson and Fisher provides High-quality content-related control valves on YouTube.

On this YouTube channel, you can find the animated video on control valves and practical control valve calibration.

1.2| Topic Covered

  • Control Valve basics
  • Fisher Instrument
  • Globe Valve and Rotary Valve

1.3| Visit Channel

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