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Learn Siemens TIA Portal for FREE in 2022

In this post, I will share with you all the Best Resources to Learn Siemens TIA Portal for FREE in 2022. As a Fresher or Professional person Learning Siemens TIA Portal gives you a huge advantage.

TIA (Totally Integrated Automation Portal) is a dedicated software solution provided by siemens for configuring and programming SIMATIC PLCs and other Siemens products like HMI, Motor Drive, SCADA, etc.


Siemens is a leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in the industrial automation domain.

SIMATIC PLCs are the most popular plc in industries provided by siemens for completing all industrial automation requirements.

TIA Portal is a software solution for all-in-one industrial automation made by Siemens company.

Because of the popularity of siemens in industrial automation, you will find that most industries in the world use siemens products for automation.

And if you check out the learning price of Siemens TIA portal Basics is around 1100 EUR on SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy.

All About TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal

TIA portal comes with modular packages according to requirements modules will be added in the TIA portal. TIA portal can integrate much software into one package. This is the list of all software you integrate and run on the TIA portal software solution.

Software that you will be able to integrate with TIA Portal

  • STEP 7 / S7-PLCSIM
  • STEP 7 Safety
  • SINAMICS Start drive
  • SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced
  • Energy Suite
  • SIMATIC Visualization Architect
  • SIRIUS Soft Starter ES

Siemens TIA Portal v17 comes with new updates and features over v16. We aim to download and use the TIA portal for free in the trial version.

TIA Portal License Prices

Step 7/Basic350$
Step 7/Professional2230$
WinCC/Professional2355$ (512 Tag)
The price shown above is only for single-user License Key

FREE Learning Resource

1. Siemens Website

Siemens provides its web-based digital training with highlights of the TIA Portal V17 for free.

And on this site, you will find over 100+ Training videos on a wide range of topics like programming, visualization, communication, and many more.

This training covers all the new features that are added to TIA Portal V17. You can also find a training video for the new PLC programming language CEM.

Siemens Website

Content Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Engineering V17
  3. Library handling
  4. WinCC Unified
  5. Motion Control
  6. OPC UA
  7. Industrial Security
  8. Redundant Solutions

2. YouTube Learning

For learning the TIA portal, you have to book official paid training tutorials but after some research, I will find some YouTube Playlists that cover full TIA portal training.

1. Hegamurl


Subscribers Count

1.1| About This channel

It is the best channel if you are looking to learn the Siemens TIA portal starting from scratch. You can find learning videos for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

I recommended opening the playlist section of this channel and scrolling down to find videos on TIA Portal

1.2| Topic Covered

  • Beginner tutorial
  • Intermediate tutorial
  • Expert tutorial

1.3| Visit Channel

2. Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation  

Subscribers Count

2.1| About This channel

I recently found this channel and as you can see from its subscribers count that it is a growing channel.

But it provides very nice content on TIA portal Programming. You can find detailed video series on TIA portal Programming. And you can find videos related to many topics.

2.2| Topic Covered

  • Siemens TIA Portal Programming
  • Allen Bradly PLC and HMI
  • Delta PLC and HMI

2.3| Visit Channel

3. General Technology Knowledge

General Technology Knowledge 

Subscribers Count

3.1| About This channel

It is also another growing channel on YouTube related to Siemens TIA portal programming. On this channel, you can find an in-depth video tutorial related to TIA Portal Programming.

You can find around 11 Hours long video tutorial on S7-1500 PLC programming by using TIA portal V17.

3.2| Topic Covered

  • Siemens PLC Programming using TIA Portal
  • PCS7 Tutorial
  • TIA V15, V16, V17

3.3| Visit Channel

4. Pete Vree

Pete Vree

Subscribers Count

4.1| About This channel

In this channel, you can find many videos on Siemens PLC programming using TIA portal software. You can find premade playlists on the TIA portal Learning tutorials.

4.2| Topic Covered

  • Siemens PLC Programming using TIA Portal
  • PCS7 Tutorial
  • TIA V15, V16, V17

4.3| Visit Channel

5. Solis PLC


Subscribers Count

5.1| About This channel

SolisPLC is a great channel to learn plc programming in the case of TIA portal programming Solis PLC provides a Dedicated Playlist for Beginners to Learn the TIA Portal.

5.2| Topic Covered

  • TIA Portal Beginning

5.3| Visit Channel

6. Scantime


Subscribers Count

6.1| About This channel

Scantime is another YouTube channel that made videos on the Siemens TIA portal and it is Quiter interacting in this channel, you can find the dedicated playlist on the TIA portal leaning.

6.2| Topic Covered

  • TIA Portal Beginning

6.3| Visit Channel

7. Automation Play


Subscribers Count

7.1| About This channel

In this channel at that time, you can find only one 4-hour long video on the Siemens TIA portal and in this video, all the basics are covered.

7.2| Topic Covered

  • TIA Portal Beginning

7.3| Visit Channel

Endnote: –

I hope this post becomes helpful for you to learn about the Siemens TIA portal. I will regularly update this post as I get more resources on this topic.

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