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Best YouTube channels to learn Functional Safety in Process Industries

Safety and Security are the topmost aspects of process industries. In this post, I will show you the best YouTube Channels to learn Functional safety-related topics in Process Industries.

IEC 61511 is Fictional Safety Standards for Process Industries. Multiple things need to be considered for maintaining Functional Safety in Process Industries.

Functional Safety is divided into 4 Safety Life Cycle Stages as given below.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation and Maintenance

For Each safety life cycle stage, there are multiple studies, analyses, and documentation prepared for functional safety. Like HAZOP, LOPA, SIL, and More.

To understand all these things, I will recommend some of the YouTube channels to learn about all these topics.

I will show you by using a table what things are included in the safety life cycle.

Safety Life Cycle Table

Safety Life CycleTasksServices
AnalysisHazard & Risk AnalysisProcess Hazard Analysis
Hazard and operability (HAZOP)
Control Hazard and Operability Study (CHAZOP)
Consequence AnalysisConsequence Analysis
Identification of protection layersA layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
SIF identificationSelect Technology
Target risk reduction factor assigned for each SIF
SIL Target Selection
Develop Process Safety Requirements Specification
Process SRS Development
DesignSIF conceptual design:SIF definition
Select technologyEquipment justification report
Select architecture
Determine test plan
Proof Test definition
Perform SIL verificationSIL Verification
Develop Design Safety Requirements SpecificationDesign SRS Development
C&E Diagram Development
ImplementationDetailed designSafety PLC logic generation
Develop Inspection and Test ProceduresFinalize Proof Test Requirements
FAT test plan development
Factory Acceptance Test
SIS Installation & Commissioning
SIS Safety Validation
Cyber Security AuditCybersecurity assessment
Operation and MaintenanceProof testingProof Test Requirements
Test result evaluationFailure data analysis
Prior Use justification
Management of ChangeImpact Analysis
SIS Decommissioning
Safety Life Cycle in Process Industries

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Here are the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Functional Safety in Process Industries.

Steps to Prevent Hazardous Events

To prevent Hazardous events in the Process industry many studies and steps need to be taken to prevent potential Hazardous Events in Process Industry.

1. Exida


About Channel

Exida is the world’s leading product certification and knowledge company specializing in automation system safety, alarm management, cybersecurity, and availability. This is his YouTube Channel.

When it comes to implementing and achieving compliance with the global standards relating to the IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ISA-18.2, and IEC 62443 standards.

Exida provides the best information and resources related to Functional Safety on its channel.

Topics that Cover in this Channel

  • Alarm Management
  • Functional Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • IEC 61508
  • IEC 61511 Course
  • Failure Rate
  • Safety Integrity Level

YouTube Channel

2. Process Safety Board

Process Safety Board

About Channel

Promoting Safety Engineering is another best channel to learn topics related to Functional safety in the Process Industry.

This channel uses High-Quality Animation videos to deliver information and knowledge to its audience.

Topics that Cover in this Channel

  • What is HAZOP
  • Pressure Safety Valves
  • What is LOPA
  • What is SIL
  • Process Hazardous Analysis

YouTube Channel

3. Promoting Safety Engineering

Promoting Safety Engineering

About Channel

Promoting Safety Engineering is the only YouTube channel that covers BowTie Analysis in Process Industries.

Topics that Cover in this Channel

  • Process Safety Fundamentals
  • How to Read P&ID
  • BowTie Analysis

YouTube Channel

3. JOGI SafeTech

JOGI SafeTech

About Channel

Jogi saftech is in a growing phase but I will recommend you to watch it because you can find the best video on HAZOP and HIRA analysis. More videos will be posted soon on other topics

Topics that Cover in this Channel

  • HIRA

YouTube Channel

Study after Hazardous Events

Some YouTube channels that are providing content that includes the study of Hazardous events that were created in the plant and what should be the root cause of this problem.



About Channel

The CSB conducts root cause investigations of chemical accidents at fixed industrial facilities. And submit the detailed roots of the chemical accidents.

USCSB is sharing animated videos on its YouTube channel on a detailed study they have made in the past on specific Hazardous Events.

I will recommend visiting the USCSB website for more information on USCSB and its work.

Topics that Cover in this Channel

  • Extreme Weather Safety
  • BP Texas Accident
  • Blowout in Oklahoma
  • Refinery Explosion
  • Bhopal Gas Tragedy

YouTube Channel

EndNote: –

I hope this article becomes helpful to gain more knowledge about functional safety in the process industry.

In the future, you can find in-depth articles on functional safety topics. You can also check out my latest post.

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