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Best YouTube Channel for Learning Electrical and Electronics

Introduction: –

If you want to become a professional Instrumentation or automation engineer knowledge of electrical fundamentals is essential. In this post, I will suggest the Best YouTube Channel for Learning Electrical and Electronics.

In my opinion, the best channel not only gives you fundamental knowledge but also gives visual explanations of topics. This is the top best YouTube channel to learn electrical fundamentals.

1. The Engineering Mindset 

The Engineering Mindset 

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1.1| About This channel

This channel was started in 2015 by Paul Evans. This channel provides content for students and engineers that want to learn about engineering topics in an easy way.

Paul Evans creates and uses beautiful graphical visitation methods to teach engineering topics in an easy way that can be easy to understand.

1.2| Topic Covered

  • Electrical Engineering Basics
  • Electricity Basics
  • DC Circuits
  • Electrical Motor
  • HVAC system
  • Heat Pump Basic

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2. Element14 Presents

Element14 Presents  

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2.1| About This channel

This channel started in 2011. This channel provides basic knowledge of electrical components and circuit design through visual and descriptive explanations.

2.2| Topic Covered

  • Learning Circuits
  • Electronic inside
  • Lab Equipment like Power supply, Multimeter

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3. AccessToPower


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3.1| About This channel

AccessToPower is a very great channel for learning electrical fundamentals. you can find many interesting videos on electrical equipment like motors, VFD, Relay Logic more.

This channel also provides videos related to the National Electrical Codes standards and electrical safety.

3.2| Topic Covered

  • Product demo
  • Power Factor correction
  • Motor control
  • Electrical theory
  • National Electric codes
  • VFD Programming
  • Electrical Troubleshooting

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4. GreatScott!


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4.1| About This channel

GreatScott is a very helpful channel for learning electrical and electronics Fundamentals, on this channel you can find tutorials and projects related to electrical and electronics.

4.2| Topic Covered

  • Electronic Basic
  • DIY Projects
  • Electronics Project

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5. ElectroBOOM


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5.1| About This channel

ElectroBOOM is another interesting channel for learning topics related to electricals. This guy is making a video on high voltage projects and myths breakdown videos.

5.2| Topic Covered

  • Electronic Basic
  • DIY Projects
  • Electronics Project

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6. Electronoobs


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6.1| About This channel

Electronoobs are another channel based on electronics and 3D printing. You can find many videos related to DIY circuits and projects like PID controllers and others.

6.2| Topic Covered

  • Electronic Basic
  • DIY Projects
  • Electronics Project
  • 3D printing
  • Basic Components

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7. EEVblog


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7.1| About This channel

EEVblog is a channel that makes videos on electronics engineering. This is another channel that I recommend for learning electronics.

In this channel, you will find how to operate lab equipment like CRO, Multimeter, and Other.

7.2| Topic Covered

  • Electronic Tutorial
  • Multimeter and CRO
  • Product Review
  • Soldering
  • Power Supply Design
  • Calibration and Standards
  • Electronics Project
  • Power Supply

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8. Afrotechmods 


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8.1| About This channel

Afrotechmods is making videos on Electronics. This is another channel that I recommend for learning electronics.

In this channel, you will find and get information related to Basic of the circuit and elements of the circuit.

8.2| Topic Covered

  • Electronic Basic
  • About Battery
  • Inductor
  • Passive Filters

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9. Joe Robinson Training

Joe Robinson Training

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9.1| About This channel

Joe Robinson Training is making practical videos related to electrical fundamentals. You can find practical demonstrations of electrical principles by using lab equipment.

9.2| Topic Covered

  • AC Theory
  • Three Phase
  • Magnets and Magnetism
  • Resistance and Resistivity
  • Series and Parallel circuit

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EndNote: –

I hope you like it and I will add more interesting channels whenever I find them so stay connected with us.

If you have any channel that is based on electrical or electronic then comment below, and I will add it to my article.

Updated 05/01/2022

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