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Best Podcast Channels on Industrial Automation in 2022

Many channels do podcasts that are related to industrial automation and it will be becoming popular nowadays. in this post, I will find out Best Podcast Channels on Industrial Automation in 2022.


The podcast is a series of audio libraries that cover specific topics. Podcasts are now becoming a popular medium to get information and knowledge while you are doing your job.

There are many podcast channels available on the internet and many of them share knowledge and Information related to industrial automation. If you are a student or professional it will become quite helpful to listen to podcasts. 

Why do you listen to podcasts?

Reason: –

There are many reasons why you listen to podcasts on industrial automation in 2022. So, I am listing out the benefits and advantages of listening to podcasts on industrial automation in 2022.

  1. Lots of knowledge
  2. Future information
  3. People share Personal experience
  4. No time limits
  5. Listen While you are working

And many advantages and benefits vary from person to person for as per my experience I am listing podcasts while I am working so it is very helpful to me.

List of Best Podcast Channels on Industrial Automation in 2022

NoPodcast ChannelHost
1IOT Podcast: Over the AirRyan Prosser
2Automation PodcastRajvir Singh
3Inductive Conversations PodcastInductive Automation
4Talking Industrial AutomationCSIA
5The Sound of AutomationBryan Powrozek
6Talking with Tim on Industrial AutomationTim Wilborne
7Operation AutomationOmron Automation America
8Manufacturing HubVlad Romanov & Dave Griffith
9Automation World Gets Your Questions AnsweredAutomationWorld
10The Automation PodcastThe Automation Blog
11Digital Transformation by Siemens Digital IndustriesSiemens Digital Industries
12Intellic PodcastWalker Reynolds
List of Best Podcast Channels on Industrial Automation in 2022

1. IOT Podcast: Over the Air

IOT Podcast: Over the Air

Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

Introducing Podcast

IOT Podcast: Over the Air is hosted by Ryan Prosser and Ryan is the President & CEO of Very.

He discusses topics related to IoT, IIOT, 5G, Edge, Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, and many other future technology-related topics.

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2. Automation Podcast

Automation Podcast

Hosted by: Rajvir Singh

Introducing Podcast

Automation Podcast is hosted by Rajvir Singh and He is the founder of Code and Compiles.

He is going to interview Industrial Automation experts to share their experiences which would be helpful for students or passionate people in the area of Industrial Automation.

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3. Automation Podcast

Inductive Conversations Podcast

Hosted by: Inductive Automation

Introducing Podcast

Inductive Conversations Podcast is hosted by Inductive automation and it is a company that provides SCADA and other solutions for industrial automation. Ignition SCADA is one of the most popular SCADA software products in industries.

In Inductive Conversations Podcast is sharing success stories of virtually every industry told by professionals. Inductive Conversations Podcast covers topics from Industry 4.0 to digital transformations and many more.

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4. Talking Industrial Automation

Talking Industrial Automation

Hosted by: CSIA

Introducing Podcast

Talking Industrial Automation is hosted by CSIA and is the Association of control system integrators.

CSIA helps members improve their business skills, provides a forum to share industry expertise, and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator.

In the Talking Industrial Automation podcast, CSIA shares the knowledge and experience of the person who makes modern manufacturing and processing possible.

And also share information related to Integration technology and its trend and challenge.

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5. Manufacturing Hub

Manufacturing Hub

Hosted by: Vlad Romanov & Dave Griffith

Introducing Podcast

Manufacturing Hub is hosted by Vlad Romanov & Dave Griffith and they both are connected to industrial automation.

In Manufacturing Hub Vlad and Dave are discussing manufacturing news, insights, discuss opportunities, and cutting-edge technologies. The goal of Manufacturing Hub is to provide is to inform, educate, and inspire leaders and workers in manufacturing, automation, and related fields.

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6. Intellic Podcast

Intellic Podcast

Hosted by: Walker Reynolds

Introducing Podcast

Intellic Podcast by Walker Reynolds He is a person who connected and shared knowledge related to industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Walker Reynolds is running a company called Intellic Integration and running a YouTube channel called 4.0 solution

Intellic Podcast Walker Reynolds and Zack Scriven share their knowledge and insights on Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Digital Transformation in this podcast from 4.0 Solutions.

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7. The Sound of Automation

The Sound of Automation

Hosted by: Bryan Powrozek

Introducing Podcast

The Sound of Automation was hosted by Bryan Powrozek. He has become a CPA after engineering and he takes interviews with influencers that come from the industrial automation field.

If you want to learn how to free up cash flow, maximize R&D credits, or grow your industrial automation business, The Sound of Automation is for you.

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8. The Sound of Automation

Talking with Tim on Industrial Automation

Hosted by: Tim Wilborne

Introducing Podcast

Talking with Tim on Industrial Automation hosted by Tim Wilborne He is the founder of TW control and provides PLC programming Training and runs YouTube Channel sharing resources related to Allen Bradley PLC programming.

Talking about PLC programming, and industrial automation, and helping you remove the roadblocks to success.

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9. Operation Automation

Operation Automation

Hosted by: Omron

Introducing Podcast

Operation Automation is hosted by Omron and it is a company that provides products and solutions in industrial automation fields.

In this podcast, Omron Automation provides all the topics related to factory automation. The host of this channel has 25 years of experience in industrial automation.

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10. Advanced Manufacturing Now

Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered

Hosted by: AutomationWorld

Introducing Podcast

Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered is hosted by AutomationWorld and it is a website purely based on industrial automation.

Automation World Gets Your Questions Answered is a podcast series featuring industrial automation subject matter experts answering questions about automation technologies submitted by end-users from the discrete and process manufacturing industries.

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11. The Automation Podcast

The Automation Podcast

Hosted by: The Automation Blog

Introducing Podcast

The Automation Podcast is hosted by The Automation Blog and it is a website purely based on industrial automation. sharing knowledge related to PLC, HMI, and many more topics.

The Automation Podcast covers industrial automation products and solutions. This Podcast shares product reviews and innovations done by different companies in the automation field.

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12. Digital Transformation by Siemens Digital Industries

Digital Transformation by Siemens Digital Industries

Hosted by: Siemens Digital Industries

Introducing Podcast

Digital Transformation by Siemens Digital Industries hosted by Siemens Digital Industries and as you can know SIEMENS is the most famous name in industrial automation.

Digital Transformation by Siemens Digital Industries Podcast explores the advantages of smart manufacturing, a digitalized product development strategy, and the solutions it offers for the Industrial Machinery industry in the automation field.

EndNote: –

I hope you find this list of podcasts interesting and learn something new while you are working. I will update this post regularly and find interesting Podcasts.

You can find more channels on Spotify so I will recommend Spotify for listening to podcasts.

Also, check out my latest post on Best YouTube channels to learn about Electrical and Electronics.

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