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Affordable PLCs for Beginners

Introduction: –

As an instrument and control engineer, you know PLC. For betting understanding of PLC, you have actual hardware in your hand. In this post, I will show you a list of affordable PLCs for beginners.

If you are a beginner in the automation field then in this post, I will suggest some cheap and affordable PLCs for your hands-on training. and it will give you an advantage for your future job or business.

For learning PLC, you do not have Hardware but also the software is required for hardware programming. And companies are charging the amount for software also.

As a beginner or student the cost of learning PLC will increase because of paid software for hardware programming.

In this post, I will list those PLCs that come with free software for programming. You will only pay a one-time hardware cost and you will be good to go.

Note*: – I will show you only basic PLC Hardware that comes with only digital I/O but you will get an updated version that has Analog I/O by paying more amount.

1. Delta PLC

DVP SS2 Series

Delta PLC comes with an affordable rate and free software for programming. This DVP SS2 Series is a basic starting PLC package provided by Delta Company.

Specification of PLC: –

  • MPU points: 14 (8DI + 6DO)
  • Max. I/O points: 494 (14 + 480)
  • Program capacity: 8k steps
  • COM port: Built-in RS-232 & RS-485 ports, compatible with Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol. Can be master or slave.
  • High-Speed Pulse Output Supports
  • Supports PID Auto-tuning: DVP-SS2 saves parameters automatically after the PID auto temperature tuning is completed.
  • Built-in High-Speed Counters

Price of PLC: –

PLC seriesPrice
DVP SS2Around 80$
PLC price of delta DVP SS2

Free Programming Software Delta PLC: –

ISP SOFT Programming Software

Learning resources: –

For learning PLC programming this YouTube channel will help you. You can find more basic to advance PLC programming-related videos.

2. AutomationDiret

What's in the box


AutomationDirect is another company that provides cheap and affordable PLC with free programming software.

Specification of PLC: –

  • 24 VDC required,
  • 2-serial ports, Built-in RS-232
  • Discrete Input: 8-point, DC
  • Discrete Output: 6-point,
  • 8k Ladder Steps
  • 16k Data memory

Price of PLC: –

PLC series Price

Free Programming Software Delta PLC: –


CLICK PLC Programming Software

Learning resources: –

3. Allen Bradley by Rockwell Automation

Main Image

MICRO 800 Series

Allen Bradley is also providing Micro 800 series PLC for an affordable price and provides free software called Connected Component Workbench.

Specification of PLC: –

Manufacturer SeriesMicro820
I/O Points20 I/O Points
Output TypeDigital
Communication PortRS-232 and RS-485
Display TypeLED

Price of PLC: –

PLC series Price
Micro 820Around 100$-120$

Free Programming Software Delta PLC: –

CCW by Rockwell Automation

You can find step by step guide to how you can download the connected components workbench after clicking this button given below.

Learning resources: –

From downloading to programming, you can find all of it on this YouTube channel. and this YouTube channel only shares content related to Allen Bradley PLC.

EndNote: –

In short, start your hands-on training as soon as possible and it will give you advantages in your professional life.

If you haven’t started the PLC programming then start today and for more updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter. This post is regularly updated when I find the best affordable PLCs.

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