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Powerful and Affordable SCADA software

When talking about SCADA software there is one name that is showing nowadays and is becoming more and more popular and it is Factory Studios by Tatsoft – Fastest Growing SCADA. so, in this post, we talk about Factory Studio by Tatsoft – Powerful and Affordable SCADA software.

Introduction of Factory Studio

Factory Studio SCADA is a cross-platform Powerful and affordable SCADA software made by Tatsoft.

That software also provides enterprise-level solutions like MES and Manufacturing Intelligence.

Factory Studio SCADA software is flexible and scalable software that fits according to customer needs and engineers change its architecture according to application.

Factory Studio comes with built-in Data Acquisition tools like OPC-UA that help to connect to any PLC brand available in the market.

This software also connects to the SQL database and converts all the SQL data into useful information by using a High-Performance HMI building tool.

Features of Factory Studio

Features of Factory Studio

Feature 1 | Unlimited Free Trial Version Available

That soft Provides a free unlimited trial version of Factory Studio. Because a free trial of the software is available it means if your students and beginners want to learn SCADA software then they can do it without paying any fees.

The trial version is not for limited days or hours but it is an unlimited free trial, which means you can restart your free trial every two hours.

In free trial mode ignition, the gateway will time out every two hours required to restart the trial which you can do an unlimited number of times.

Here is what you get in the free Trial Version: –

  • 2 Hours of resettable runtime 
  • Contains multiple demo projects to use / review / learn from
  • 500 Communication points
  • Access to all the features in FactoryStudio 9.1 powered by FrameworX
  • Access to all our Standard communication protocols
  • MQTT Broker
  • OPC Server
  • Unlimited access to our online Docs
  • Unlimited access to our forum

Feature 2 | Free Training

That software not only provides free software access but also provides free basic training modules for learning Factory Studio.

The training site was recently launched so more staff will upload over time. That soft has launched two learning modules so far.

  • Factory Studio Fundamental
  • Factory Studio Advanced

Feature – 3 | Unlimited Licensing

This is the main key point for the affordability of this software. This software provider accesses all the features by paying a small amount.

: Price Tabel:

FrameworX PlatformFrameworX UnlimitedFactoryStudioEdge HMIEdge Gateway
Price Range$9,200 to $11,500$864 to $7,800$480 to $1,800$240 to $1,270
With Redundancy Price Range$13,800 to $17,250$1,800 to $11,700N/AN/A
Annual SubscriptionStarting at $6,440N/AN/AN/A
Any Client – .NET Smart Client, Web, HTML5, iOSUnlimited
Dashboard Display BuilderUnlimited
I/O PointsUnlimited
Any Standard DriverUnlimited
OPC UA Client / ServerUnlimited
SQL DatabaseUnlimited
SQL, NoSQL, Historian ConnectionsUnlimited
100s of SymbolsUnlimited
MQTT Client / BrokerUnlimited
SQL Data Hub
Report Designer
Dashboard Designer
C#, VB.NET, PythonOptionalOptional
HTML5 and Javascript
Alarms and Alerts
Plugins and ComponentsOptionalOptional
SMS & Alarm Notification
SDK Extensions/ ToolkitsOptionalOptional
Device RedundancyOptional
Server RedundancyOptionalOptional
Modular DeploymentOptionalOptional
Audit TrailOptionalOptional
Integrate External ControlsOptionalOptional
Store and Forward
Prices table of Factory Studio

Feature – 4 | Cross-platform and Web-Based

Ignition is a cross-platform which means Ignition SCADA can run on major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Feature – 5 | Powerful Development of SCADA projects

Factory studio Provides all the development tools in its software package. Factory studio takes care of product version control automatically.

Image Courtesy to Tatsoft

Feature – 6 | Powerful HMI building

Factory studio offers powerful HMI building tools for building advanced HMI for your plant floor. You can deploy this HMI to any platform from Windows to Mac.

Real-time alarm monitoring by generating notifications to HMI, Email, and SMS.

Image courtesy to Tatsoft

As you can see from this image design software provides tools to design High-performance HMI as well as animated 3d Visuals HMI.

Designer software also provides a customer symbol library and also supports external vector images to design your custom plant HMI.

By using designer software, you can also make responsive HMI designs that are suitable for mobile applications.

Feature – 7 | List of Another feature

  • Alarm and Notification
  • Complete & Multi-Platform
  • Dashboard Builder
  • Built-In SQL
  • SQL Historian
  • Built-In Drivers
  • Intrinsically Secure
  • Audit Trail Anything
  • Symbols and Components
  • Robust and Fast
  • Scripting
  • Universal Connectivity
  • Affordable Unlimited
  • SCADA HMI I/O Pricing
  • Redundant if needed

Reason – 8 | Companies that use Factory Studio

Reason – 9 | Resources Provide

Inductive Automation provides the best and high-quality resources related to Ignition SCADA software and future Learning. Resources are provided in many ways.

  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Videos

EndNote: –

I hope you will get all the information about Factory studio SCADA software. in my opinion, if you want powerful and affordable SCADA software for your application, I recommend Factory Studio by Tatsoft.

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