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Learn PLC Programming in 2023

Introduction: –

2023 is here, According to online data PLC programmer’s salary is between $63,058 and $84,270 in the USA. in this post, I will share some Best Resources to Learn PLC Programming in 2023.

PLC programming skill is a very popular skill in automation. By learning PLC programming, you will get an extra advantage for getting your high-paid job.

There are two ways to learn plc programming one is paid and the other is free.

The paid way is better because you get quality content and a much deeper explanation about plc programming and other knowledge, and the other is the freeway if you are a student then I will drop some free resources for learning plc programming basics.

Best Paid Ways to Learn PLC programming: –

1. Solis PLC

Solis PLC is a great website that provides training for Rs Logix & Studio 5000. SolisPLC provides In-depth practical PLC training for engineers and technicians.

Courses to Learn: –

><Available course

>PLC Programming | RSLogix & Studio 5000, 500 | Hardware Software
>PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency Drive Setup, Integration & PLC Programming
>FactoryTalk View ME HMI Development
>Getting Started with Siemens Tia Portal Programming
>Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Industrial Development

>An Introduction to the PLCNext Platform

Benefits of joining SolisPLC: –

  • 7day Free Trial
  • Teach you real-world skills through practical examples
  • You will also get access to our automation and controls experts
  • In-depth practical content

Pricing of Courses: –

Unlimited AccessPrice
Pricing of course by Soils PLC


For learning programming for SIEMENS PLC, I will suggest the REALPARS website to start learning Siemens PLC programming online.


Join the top 1% of PLC programmers

Courses to Learn: –

><Available course

>Siemens PLC Programming Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4
>How to Configure a Profibus-DP Network
>Learn How to Configure a ProfiNet Device
>Learn How to Use FCs and FBs
>Learn How to Program Allen Bradley PLCs Using Studio 5000

>OPC Classic: Learn How it Works
>Program Siemens HMIs
>How to Configure a PID Controller
>Getting Started with PCS7 Configuration
>ProSoft Technology

Benefits of joining REALPARS:

  • One on one support
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Laser-focused lessons
  • Suited for all skill levels
  • Offline convenience 
  • Some free tutorial videos are also available

Pricing of Courses: –

Unlimited access Pricing
Annual plans180$+ tax
Monthly Plans25$+ tax
monthly and annual plan for unlimited access

Level of course (Lifetime Access)Pricing
Level One99$+ tax
Level Two119$+ tax
Level Three169$+ tax
Level Four199$+ tax
Level Five96$+ tax
Level Six89$+ tax
Level Seven177$+ tax
Level eight229$+ tax
Lifetime access subscriptions provided by realpars

Cons of this course

The cons of this course are that REALPARS does not provide hands-on software training for learning faster and easier understanding way.


for learning Allan Bradly plc programming and studio 5000 software then my plc training is best according to my opinion.


Allan Bradley PLC Training and Studio5000 software.

Courses to Learn: –

><Available course

>The Confident PLC Programmer
>Creating Ladder Logic in RSLogix Micro and Studio 5000
>FactoryTalk View ME HMI Development
>Confident Allen-Bradley programmer
>The Programming Challenge

><Upcoming course

>Structured Text and Function Block programming

The benefit of joining MY PLC TRAINING: –

  • Access to our Rockwell Software Licenses for Studio 5000
  • Free access to Studio 5000 Logix Designer, Logix Emulate, FactoryTalk View Studio, RS Logix Micro, RSLinx
  • Personal support from Stephen Gates and his team (get every question answered within 24-48 hours)
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • The Confident HMI Designer Method Course
  • The Confident PLC Programmer Method Course (Certificate of Completion Available)

Pricing of Courses: –

Unlimited accessPrices
Monthly Plan37.00$
Annual Plan333.00$
monthly and annual plan for unlimited access


TW Control is another PLC training provider site and mainly focused on Allan Bradley PLC. in this course owner provides hands-on training on their location.



Courses to Learn: –

><Available course

>How to wire PLC inputs and outputs
>Level 1 and Level 2 PLC Programming Courses cover.
>Confident Allen-Bradley programmer

The benefit of the Course: –

  • In this training, you get 5 days of hand training in PLC programming and PLC diagnosis and troubleshooting. and it will mainly be focused on Allan Bradley PLC.
  • One student per workstation. This is a 100% hands-on and “minds-on” class.
  • You will be programming PLCs within the first hour on Monday. 
  • But not for the sake of learning programming skills, we’re laying the foundation to build your troubleshooting skills on.

Pricing of Courses: –

Unlimited accessPrices
5-day Hands-on Training2780$
monthly and annual plan for unlimited access

Cons of this course: –

The cons of this course are you have to reach on TW control company site for learning plc programming and troubleshooting or you can say you have to go to this location Roanoke, Virginia, United States. *Pricing not available on site.


Scantime is the website that provides plc programming tutorials for both siemens and Allan Bradly PLC products and it will also provide.


Learn programming of siemens and Allan Bradley PLC.

Courses to Learn: –

><Available course

>PLC Programming for Industry (Beginners) | Lifetime Access
>Siemens S7 & TIA Portal Programming | Lifetime Access
>Siemens S7 & STEP7 Programming | Lifetime Access
>Allen Bradley RSLogix/Studio 5000 Programming | Lifetime Access
>Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 Programming | Lifetime Access

Benefits of learning from Scantime: –

  • learn Siemens and Allen Bradley PLC on the same platform
  • You will get a lifetime access offer one-time payment
  • You will find free content also from the Scantime YouTube channel

Pricing of Courses: –

Unlimited AccessPricing
PLC programming for beginners235$+ tax
Siemens S7 and TIA portal Programming235$+tax
S7 and Step 7 Programming210$+tax
Rs Logix/studio5000 programming235$+tax
Studio 500 programming210$+tax
Pricing of course available on scan time

Best Freeways to Learn PLC programming: –

According to my experience and knowledge, I found out that there are some freeways available for learning plc online.

1. SolisPLC

SolisPLC also provides a free course on getting started with SIEMENS TIA portal Programming. You will grab this course by simply enrolling by clicking on the Enroll button given below.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a new PLC & HMI project in Tia Portal
  • Program & simulate a basic Ladder Logic PLC & HMI
  • Wire a sensor, a push-button & an LED to an S7-1200 Siemens PLC
  • Program Function Blocks
  • Wire an S7-1200 module & program an analog scaling function
  • Develop a simple batching system in WinCC TIA Portal SCADA

2. Automation Community

The automation community is the best way to learn plc programming of both siemens and Allan Bradly PLC for no cost. and you will also find some courses related to WinCC SCADA and Intouch SCADA.

Automation Community

Free Course on PLC

The benefit of the Course: –

  • Free-of-cost courses
  • In-depth knowledge of 10hour long course
  • find courses related to siemens and Allan Bradley plc

Cons of this course: –

The cons of this course are based on old software but no other problem for learning plc programming on this site and the other is you have to create an account on this site to access the course.

3. Automation Direct

Automation Direct is a plc manufacturing company that provides its plc programming training for free with free software. If you are a student then it may be helpful to you.

Automation Direct

PLC manufacturers provide free training and software.

How to get free PLC training: –

For getting plc training you have to only create an account on the automation direct site and you will get mail with the plc training link 🔗.

Automation Direct also provides free programming software for their PLC series and you can try and practice for free of cost.

4. TW Control YouTube Channel

As mentioned above in the post TW Control also provided plc programming knowledge on its YouTube channel and you can easily learn new plc programming on Allan Bradley PLC.


5. Rajvir Singh

Rajvir Singh

Topics to Learn

  • IIOT
  • PLC Training
  • PLCnext Technology
  • Ignition SCADA Training

YouTube Channel

6. PLC Programming Tutorials Tips and Tricks

PLC Programming Tutorials Tips and Tricks

Topics to Learn

  • RsLogix 500
  • PLC Programming Animated tutorials
  • TIA Portal Introduction
  • Mitsubishi PLC Programming
  • S7-1200 PLC Programming Tutorial

YouTube Channel


PLC academy is an online website that provides free resources related to PLC, SCADA, PLC Programming, and many more topics. You will find many great posts related to plc programming.

EndNote: –

In conclusion, I will give you the advice to learn automation-related software as much as you can like the TIA portal and Studio 5000 designer.

This post is regularly updated whenever I find new resources. So, stay creative and take care of your surrounding environment.

I hope you like this post. Please check out my previous article on How to Learn Siemens TIA Portal for Free.

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