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Best Books for Instrument and Control Engineers


In this post, I will show you the best must-read books available for instrument and control engineers or their relevant fields like instrumentation engineering, Electronics, and instrumentation engineering, and Instrumentation technology.

As an instrument and control engineer, I was faced with some trouble finding the right books related to my field.

But after reading this post I can be sure that you can find the right books for your study.

Best books for instrument and control engineer

All-in-One Reference Books

1. Instrument engineer handbook

These books are reference books for instrument engineers. This book comes with three volumes according to this category.

1Measurement and analysis
2Control and Optimization
3Software and Digital Network
Three volumes of instrument engineer’s handbook

These three volumes cover all instruments and process control-related topics with an depth explanation of all topics. The author of this book is a very experienced and talented person in the instrumentation field.

About Author: – B.G Liptak

Publishers Of these books: – CRC Press

2. Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation

Lessons in industrial instrumentation book is a very important book for understanding the fundamentals of instrumentation.

The best thing about this book is it came up with Creative Commons license 4.0 which means you can download and share this book without any cost. The only thing you can do is give attributes to the writer and book author.

Cover page of lessons in industrial instrumentation
Cover page of lessons in industrial instrumentation

You can download this book πŸ“™ directly from Google by clicking this link.

This book covers all topics from calculus to PLC and SCADA to instrumentation. This book is easy to read and comes with impressive pictorial representation.

About Author: – Tony R. Kuphaldt

Page Count: – 3311

The books that are listed below are the best books for instrument and control engineers.

Topic-wise category

1. Best books for measurement and sensor

1. Measurement Instrumentation and Sensor Handbook

Measurement Instrumentation and Sensor Handbook come in two volumes according to measurement type.

This book is specially made for measurement and sensor-related topics and gives a brief explanation of them.

About Authors: – John G. Webster, Halit Eren.

About Press: – CRC Press

2. Best books for control system

1. Control System Advanced Methods

This book is a one-control system handbook in the market. The author of this book is a very knowledgeable person in the control system field. This book covers all advanced control strategies and their implementation.

Cover page control system advanced methods
Cover page control system advanced methods

About Author: William S. Levine

About Press: – CRC Press

Page count: -1711

2. Basic Fundamental Book for control system

I recommend these two books for learning the basics of the control system.

  • Control System Engineering by Norman S. Nise

About Publisher: – WILEY

  • Modern Control System by Richard C. Dorf and Robert H. bishop

About Publisher: -PEARSON


I suggest this book according to my academic experience, if you have other books for suggestions then please comment below. I hope this book helps to improve your knowledge.

Thank you for your attention.

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